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Installing over a previous install (QtIFW)

  • So apparently this is (for some reason) not normal behavior for the QtIFW when a new version is detected. I've done some reading and I think I can force a removal of a prior version with the use of a control script. However when I add installerscript.qs to my package.xml with the following tags


    I get

    Caught exception: Cannot open component script at client\packages\\meta\installscript.qs

    My script looks like this

    function Controller()

    Now I've done more reading (not on the QtIFW pages because why would they have this info) and it seems that I have a control script not a component script which is discussed here.
    Now one thing that isn't mentioned on this page is HOW TO INCLUDE THE SCRIPT. It's great that I know what to write, but where do I put this file and how do I include it in my build!?

    Found a solution to my own problem. Turns out that the QtIFW adds a maintinancetool.exe to the program directory which can handle updating the current install. I've simply changed my code to call that when I detect a new update is available.

    Still I find the documentation for this installer framework to be incredibly sub par.

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