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    i need help with a qtreewidget, where i have a column Period that is a qwidget with a qdateedit that pop up a calendar, i get all this data from another class, and populate in this qwidget, i need something when i change the data on qdate to populate the member of my class again, the problem i dont know how to make in my slot Selecteddata slot to get my qwidget (qdateedit) from my qtree to work with it, the problem is that i populate my column in a for and for every row i make a qdate

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    Using model + treeview works better than using treewidget for such cases.

    You can use signal and slots.

    so Tree, you define a new signal
    PeriodChanged( string or what type u need)
    then when you create the qdateedit, you hook its changed signal up to a slot
    in side treewidget. (or direct to PeriodChanged if signatur matches)

    Then from "other class" , you connect to the PeriodChanged signal from the treewidget and it can then update the data its own slot.

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