Problems running sample app QtMFC (...\qt-solutions\qtwinmigrate\examples\mfc\step1)

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    I built qtdialog.dll (...\qt-solutions\qtwinmigrate\examples\qtdll) and put it in the release directory for the QtMFC application. When I run the QtMFC application and chose Help/About QtMFC..., it executes up to LoadLibraryA

    static bool showQtAboutDialog(HWND parentWindow, std::wstring *errorMessage)
    typedef BOOL(*pShowDialog)(HWND parent);

    const char dllName[] = "qtdialog.dll";
    const char functionName[] = "showDialog";
    const HMODULE module = LoadLibraryA(dllName);

    then fails with the message


    I must be missing the Qt library in my release directory - which files am I missing? Thanks.

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    Please search the forum a bit. This question as been asked many times already. As stated by the error you are missing the platform plugin. Take a look at the windeployqt tool to help you with that.

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