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A quick question about layouts

  • What would be the difference between the borderlayout to structuring something similar to this using regular layouts and size hinting?

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    The border layout is an example application, but I really don't understand the question. What would be the difference how?

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    To recreate the same using regular layouts requires multiple layouts and
    extra tweaking to get same "Stay around center" as QMainWindow have pr default
    and this sample.

    So there would be no real difference if both resize the same. Make it your self provide
    good training but if you need such layout, mainwindow might just make more sense.

  • Yes, I'm having in mind to create a kind of sidebar on the left side and the content on the right side, I don't think that I will need that borderlayout approach right?

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    Aren't you trying to re-invent QMainWindow ? From your description, it looks like you could use a custom QToolBar on the left or a fixed QDockWidget and the central widget for the rest or maybe one or more QDockWidget on the right.

  • Yes, I could use a QToolBar on the left side as the sidebar and customize the buttons and as the main content I could use a QStackedWidget to switch between the pages.
    I would probably need to create a custom button to customize a few things.
    I really don't think I will be needing that borderlayout approach for that.

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