Can't initiate network connection in Android extra example

  • Hi,

    My Qt creator is 4.3.1 based on Qt 5.9, there is an example which interests me, named notification under Qt5.9.1\Examples\Qt-5.9.1\androidextras.

    I tried to add some code in, as:

    protected static void myconnect(final String svrAddr, final int port) {
      final SocketAddress serverAddress = new InetSocketAddress(svrAddr, port);
      try {
          // Connect to the server.
          DatagramChannel tunnel =;
        }catch (IOException e) {

    And Then in

    public static void notify(String s)
    myconnect("", 80);

    Of course in the AndroidManifest.xml I added the INTERNET permission and proper "import java.nio.channels.DatagramChannel;" in java file.
    It compiles successfully, and I installed the apk in my Android phone, by clicking on the icon, the tcpdump in the server side doesn't receive any packet from the phone.

    Should I say Qt can't do the connection in Android extra mode?


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