QWebEngineView doesn't display anything until it is explicitly resized

  • We use an MFC window and embed QWidget with QWebEnginePage and QWebEngineView in it. While displaying this window, initially MFC window is not visible and Qt windows are made visible, also QWebEngineView loads an URL during this. Later this MFC window is made visible (using showWindow(SW_SHOW)), but we don't see any browser content displayed in the browser. If i explicitly resize the window then i see the browser content.

    With WebKit it use to work fine.

    One thing i have observed is ViewHostMsg_DidFirstPaintAfterLoad (qtwebengine\src\3rdparty\chromium\content\browser\renderer_host\render_widget_host_impl.cc) is not called in this case, whereas after explicit resize i get this call and it even displays the content.

    After displaying the MFC window, through code if i explicitly resize/repaint then i still see that browser content is not displayed. Do anyone has any idea of what is going on here and what can be done to fix this?

    I am using Qt5.7.1 version.

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