Err installing QT creator in Ubuntu hosted in Virtualbox

  • Hi,
    i'm currently using Ubuntu 17.10 LTS in virtualbox and when i tried to install QT creator via the online installer and after clicking next, i'm stuck at the "Preparing meta information download" for a long time.

    Is there any settings / configuration i need to perform?


  • @embdev99

    I have installed Qt creator and libs on an Ubuntu 17.04 in Virtualbox hosted on windows 10 without a problem.

    Is your internet link fast enough?
    Is your hosting OS happy about the Virtualbox connecting to Internet?
    Are you on 64 bit OSes?

    You could follow also those guidelines
    I guess the example if for Qt libs only (Qt 7.0), but you can certainly adapt and download and install also Qt creator

    Personally I would prefer the online installer, when it works.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    Do you have any error message printed on the console ?

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