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  • You have lived in Arizona your whole life. What's the hottest it's ever been while you're outside skating? I've gone as it was 110 out, skating.

    What are some tips when it's 110, on skating? A lot of sunscreen, water, and wait till later in the day. Proceed to sundown from 5:00 pm. Do you skate in shorts?

    I don't skate in shorts if I'm filming. No matter how sexy it is. I'll only look retarded in the clips.

    I will wear shorts into the skatepark. Ernie Torres asserts that AZ is where all the fried skaters live. What is up with this?

    Is it limited to the locals, or are there transplants that are fried as well? It's Arizona in general. Fried folks are drawn to Arizona.

    The heat may have something to do with it. Fried people feel comfortable here. Who is the very Arizonan right now?

    Nowadays Jon Rob Moore is getting fried. AZ is famous for its ditches, however it is possible to skate all of it. What's your favorite terrain? Anything. I enjoy hockey the spots that are shitty. No one else is going to skate them.

    On a weekday here, you're pretty much considering ditches. On the weekend it's stairs, stuff like that, rails, and more schools. Are you like Jaws, who loves to jump down things, or is it something you do to get it over with? When I was younger, it appealed to me. Now get it over with and I try to get it out of the way. With you going to SF, what happened? Let's say that the funding cuts aren't helping me relocate. Where are you living? I live Chase, and Andrew, Justin, Evan. It is a skate house that is full. We skate, so there's a session moving every day. Everybody's living here through the summer also. You just got back from a visit with Real to Fresno.

    How was that? It was cool. It was just that the ams, so that they called it the authentic Amateur Hour.

    There were lots of areas that are sick, however, it was also 95 degrees out so everybody complained. Who had the worst time with the heat? The filmer Biggs
    had, for example, five bogus heat strokes, although I believe everyone did. This trick on your interview down the set--what is happening there? It's a bigflip, but I keep rotating an additional 180 therefore it turns into a 360. What's it called?

    The Brockel reverse, come on! Who named it? I don't know. I did it in a Phoenix Am best tip on the 10 stair in Peoria. Someone called it that in a movie of the contest. Have you done one before that? Stuff and hips like that, but never down stairs although over.

    Can you call it that? Like, "Hey, you wan nana picture this Brockel reverse?" No, I would never do that. That's a little much up yourself. Who are your sponsors? Actual, Cowtown skateshop, and Thunder, Spitfire Eswic. Pretty legit. How long are you on Actual?
    I gotta think about this one.

    I want state because I was 16, so I have been getting planks from Actual for six decades now. What can it be like to see guys get put on stream and move up to am seemingly before you? I ask because plus they have a tendency to get pretty mad. However, you seemed to have a perspective of it. I always grew up skating Deluxe, and that. It hurt, but it actually just motivated me to skate harder. It was pretty obvious that the other guys who had been getting on all deserved to be there. Real has a team that is major. How do they fit in the van? The trips have been kinda lately.

    Some of us are already busy on other excursions since there are many men and women. Who sits where? Does shotgun is demanded by Big Ern? Big Ern gets shotgun.

    No, I usually assert it, saying I am the biggest man ... but otherwise Morf gets it. Do you space with? Jake Donnelly. All over the place lives.

    Whose hometown do you like to see? I wanna visit with with James Hardy in Alabama, visit the outside stuff he has going on. We did do a trip to visit Jake Donnelly. This was amazing, hung out at his dad's ranch. You had a fake ID that is fairly sweet, when you're 18. My friend Tyson was a regular customer once I worked at Cowtown. Since I looked like him he gave me his ID.

    It said I was 34. 'til I turned 21, going on 11, it conducted. It got contested twice or once. So that it passed, I understood all
    of the info.

    I never got completely refused. Can you work at Cowtown? Not so much anymore. I am out of town much. Did working in Cowtown assist compared to having a job that you would always need to request time off from? Yeah.

    Teams could come through, and that I had been the man to reveal them around. The cash helped out. It was nice to know that if I went on a trip I would still have a job when I got back, because they understood why I was always gone. And it enabled me to put at Phoenix Am!

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    Is the main window with Qt::FramelessWindowHint by any chance a sample you found on
    I recall some time back, someone with exact same issue and it was due
    to this sample and its use of setCursor, it would sometimes miss an event to
    set back the cursor.

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