In need of Help - Qtcreator.exe not running

  • Hello, and thank you for taking the time check out my forum post. I am not sure where I am supposed to post this, but thank you nonetheless, and I would be happy to redirect my thread elsewhere. I have tried just about everything, I have no idea why but when I double click my Qtcreator.exe, my cursor shows that something is loading however nothing happens afterward. I have downloaded the 64 bit installer from the website and I have chosen to download version 5.9.2 as well as every option under the tools checkbox. I have tried installing the program to my SSD, and my HDD in hopes that maybe it had to do with my execution path, but no luck. I have been downloading different versions and different tools but there is still nothing happening when I run the .exe. I should also note that the Assistant, Designer, and Linguist programs work however.

    I installed Qt to my E drive, which is
    However if I check the location of my Qt community launcher it takes me to the following:
    C:\Users\Zachary\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Qt

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, I am pretty much out of ideas and options. I would be happy to answer any installation/setup questions as well.


  • Hi, try disabling your antivirus program. Also you can try launching Qt Creator manually, by opening a CMD window and type:

  • Hi Kskoglund, thank you for the quick reply. I have tried disabling windows defender and also tried to launch Manually into the CMD window, and nothing noticeable seems to happen.

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    Hi can you try from CMD with
    qtcreator -noload Welcome -noload QmlDesigner -noload QmlProfiler

  • @mrjj said in In need of Help - Qtcreator.exe not running:

    qtcreator -noload Welcome -noload QmlDesigner -noload QmlProfiler

    Hi MrJJ, thank you for the response. I have tried all three options and no luck. I have noticed that in my task manger Details header, the Qtcreator.exe appears for about 1 second before dissapearing whenever I try to run the program.

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    Ok, this was to test screen driver / openGL support.
    The welcome screen is QML and demands good opengl but it was not that since it made no difference.

    Could try to run this
    (if using mingw, its in that folder instead of the vs2015 one)

    qtdiag.exe > info.txt

    and post here?

    I think you are experiencing something not often seen as you tried multiple installs and still not starting.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    What version of Windows are you running ?
    What is your graphic stack ?
    What processor are you using ?

  • @mrjj

    Thanks for the response. I had run the program however a black box appears for about 1 second before closing itself. I can take a screen shot in the few frames that it is there before it goes away:


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    You should first open a cmd
    then type
    \fullpath\qtdiag.exe > info.txt

    Then you have the info in the file info.txt

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    Did you try updating the Graphic Card driver ?

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