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Qt Creator does not read build configurations

  • Hi.
    I am trying to make qt creator use build configurations from a CMakeLists.txt.

    Here it is:

    cmake_minimum_required (VERSION 2.6)
    add_executable(test main.cpp)

    Opening it via FIle -> Open file or project

    But there is no my specific configurations, only standard ones (Debug, Release, ReleaseWithDebugInfo and Minimal size release).

    What I am doing wrong?
    Or maybe qt creator cannot read configurations from cmake?

  • Creator does not look for CMAKE_CONFIGURATION_TYPES: The flag is used to set which things to build in a multi-configuration generator. AFAICT only the Visual Studio (and the X code one?) generators are multi-configuration, all the others will ignore that value anyway.

    In Creator multi-configuration generators are not supported too well in the first place. E.g. you will see duplicate nodes in the project tree when you enable several configurations at the same time. I think the Ninja generator produces the best results right now.

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