Android blacklist, QVideoFrame to QImage convertion.

  • I am trying to write a camera app, and am using QVideoFilterRunnable::run to modify the camera feed.

    On Android, I cannot seem to get a QImage object from the QVideoFrame object. I have tried using

    QImage(uchar *data, int width, int height, Format format)

    #include "rgbframehelper.h"
    QImage imageWrapper(const QVideoFrame &frame)

    neither works. I am testing with an android with a Mali-T720 which I have found out seems to be on some blacklist.

    Anyway, I thought I would try testing on an Android that is not on the blacklist. To see if that is the problem.

    So can anyone point me to this 'blacklist', and also suggest any solution to this problem I might have overlooked. (Everything works on Desktop of course)

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