How to force font ?

  • I have child widget like this:

    LWidget(QQmlEngine *eng, QWidget *parent = nullptr) :QQuickWidget(eng, parent),

    So I want to know how to setup default font family from C++ side to any loaded QML (which does not have explicit family set) ?

    This test piece from constructor does nothing:

    QFont f = QApplication::font();
    f.setFamily("Serto Jerusalem Outline");

  • Solved meself:

    void updateFont(const QString& family, QQuickItem *root)
    QVariant fn = root->property("font");
    if (fn.isValid() && fn.canConvert<QFont>())
    QFont fn2 = fn.value<QFont>();
    root->setProperty("font", fn2);
    for (const auto& c : root->childItems())
    updateFont(family, c);


    updateFont("Serto Jerusalem Outline", rootObject());

    However, it will override any explicit fonts too, but its ok for me.

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