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Paid consulting opportunity Qt, PCL, Open CV, QVTKvisualizer

  • We are looking for some consulting advice on the following:

    Set up a working development environment with:

    • Qt 5.x

    • PCL 1.8.x and all dependencies

    • Open CV 3.x and all dependencies

    • QVTKVisualizer widget and all dependencies

    • The pcl visualization demo running in the QVTKVisualizer widget

    • Preferably newest versions of all the above

    • Platform: Windows 10, 64 bit

    • Compiler: MSVC2015 (or 2017)

    • Cmake

    It should be possible to run release and debug code on all above so we can debug our code when using the above libraries and widget

    All steps should be documented so we can replicate the development environment

    If you have expertize / competence on the above (PCL / OpenCV) or can recommend a consulting firm with this specific competence, please send us your e-mail / contact info on PM and we will look at your profile and evt. be in touch.

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    Maybe also say , which platforms, and what compilers you expect.

  • Yes thanks, I have updated with this info directly in the original post above.

  • I am having more than 13 years experience with Qt and VTK, recently I finished a project with VTK and Qt, you can catch me on Skype: 'engineer3dquartic' or email me ''

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