MSVC2015 32bit not compiling

  • So I got a new laptop with Windows 10 64-bit.
    I installed Visual Studio 17 and the distributables, Qt finds the VC compiler but when I try to compile I get a error: Cannot run compiler 'cl'. Maybe you forgot to setup the environment?. I had this working properly on my Windows 8 Laptop, but can't seem to get it going here. I have the correct Qt installed for MSVC2015 32 bit as well. Any help here will be appreciated.5_1508596023984_Capture5.PNG 4_1508596023984_Capture4.PNG 3_1508596023984_Capture3.PNG 2_1508596023984_Capture2.PNG 1_1508596023984_Capture1.PNG 0_1508596023968_Capture.PNG

  • Hi! Does vcvarsall.bat report any errors?

  • No I didn't see any errors reported by vcvarsall.bat.
    I'm about to uninstall visual studio and Qt and reinstall and if that helps.
    Any specific sequence these should be done?

  • From the image you posted, the MinGW 32bit is the default kit. Maybe selecting the MSVC2015 32bit kit and clicking the Make Default button may help. Also I see you use the GNU gdb 7.10.1 MinGW as debugger. Does that work when you use the MSVC compiler? (That's a question of mine, I don't know). I had to install the Debugging Tools for Windows to use the cdb.exe debugger of Microsoft.

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