Qt faults and new Google Play rules

  • Short time ago Google published new Developer Program Policy Update for applications published on Google Play. One of new rules tells about program stability - application with permanent faults has no value. This is reasonable but how this can affect Qt apps with permanent faults in Qt libs? I examed my apps and found all of them have following faults (copypaste from application page on Google Console):

       native: pc 0000000000003a88  /system/lib/libart.so
       native: pc 0000000000189551  /data/app/com.gourmetlabs.gvccd17-1/lib/arm/libQt5Core.so (_ZN11QMetaObject12invokeMethodEP7QObjectPKcN2Qt14ConnectionTypeE22QGenericReturnArgument16QGenericArgumentS7_S7_S7_S7_S7_S7_S7_S7_S7_+372)
       native: pc 000000000000e59f  /data/app/com.gourmetlabs.gvccd17-1/lib/arm/libGVCCD17.so (_ZN11QMetaObject12invokeMethodEP7QObjectPKcN2Qt14ConnectionTypeE16QGenericArgumentS6_S6_S6_S6_S6_S6_S6_S6_S6_+122)
       native: pc 0000000000010ec5  /data/app/com.gourmetlabs.gvccd17-1/lib/arm/libGVCCD17.so (Java_com_gourmetlabs_gvccd17_NativeCall_getData+316)
       native: pc 0000000000ca7631  /data/app/com.gourmetlabs.gvccd17-1/oat/arm/base.odex

    And this happens not often but VERY often - hundreds per day. Won't this be the cause to cancel application by Google in future?

  • You're not asking a question but want to imply that our framework is buggy. Feel free to start a new thread with an honest title and text that clearly reflects your intentions. Closed for trolling.

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    To add to @Wieland, if you're a commercial customer you can contact the Qt Company for help, otherwise we appreciate any bugfixes you provide, as Qt's an open source framework.

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