Does QML TreeView support signal layoutChanged emitted from model?

  • I have a model that works well with QTreeView. In the model I implemented a sort that looks like this:

    void SimpleTreeModel::sort(Node* sortedNode)
      emit layoutAboutToBeChanged(QList<QPersistentModelIndex>(), VerticalSortHint);
      QModelIndexList oldIndices = persistentIndexList();
      Node::SortType sortType = Node::Down;
      //sort starting node
      QModelIndexList newIndices;
      for(const auto &i : oldIndices)
          Node* node = const_cast<Node*>(nodeFromIndex(i));
          QModelIndex index = indexFromNode(node);
      changePersistentIndexList(oldIndices, newIndices);
      QModelIndex startingIndex = indexFromNode(sortedNode);
      emit layoutChanged({ QPersistentModelIndex(startingIndex) }, VerticalSortHint);

    when I call this function, QTreeView updates the view, but TreeView in QML don't do this. QML TreeView usage:

       model: treeModel
         title: "Title"
         role: "title"
         width: 700

    What am I doing wrong? Why the view does not update the layout of the elements after sorting?

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