Is it possible to use QCamera to change webcam settings on a device with a busy status?

  • I would like to make an application (Windows and Linux targets) to manually change focus and exposure settings of a webcam while another application is capturing audio and video. There are applications that allow for changing those settings on a webcam with a busy status on both platforms already but the one on Linux is not very user friendly and the windows apps don't give me the amount of control over the settings I would like to have.

    My quick test with a QtQuick/QML app showed me that QCamera won't work if the device's status is busy even if I'm just trying to change settings and not capture any audio/video but I'm wondering if there is a way around that.

    My alternative solution to QCamera is to just use libuvc but that would likely turn a one day project into something much bigger than I would like to be dealing with.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    From an educated guess, I'd say no. QtMultimedia uses the platform multimedia stack in a basic fashion.

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