QSpinBox and QDoubleSpinBox behaving different in Android App with Qt5.9.2 on Android API23

  • Hello
    I have an application deployed on google play. With runtime permissions setting requirement for the android, I had to switch from Qt5.7.0 to Qt5.9.2 in order to use the permissions.h workaround for invoking the permissions in runtime.
    In this shift from Qt5.7 to Qt5.9.2, there has been a change in way the QSpinBox and QDoubleSpinBox is behaving.
    This is a link to video of the same app working with Qt5.7

    This is a link to video of the app working with Qt5.9.2

    And these are the messages that I receive in the Applications window when I am running the app with device connected.

    D ViewRootImpl: ViewPostImeInputStage processPointer 0
    D ViewRootImpl: #1 mView = android.widget.PopupWindow$PopupDecorView{6a4cfc1 V.E...... ......I. 0,0-0,0}
    D ViewRootImpl: #1 mView = android.widget.PopupWindow$PopupDecorView{c9166a7 V.E...... ......I. 0,0-0,0}
    D ViewRootImpl: ViewPostImeInputStage processPointer 1
    D ViewRootImpl: MSG_RESIZED_REPORT: ci=Rect(0, 0 - 0, 0) vi=Rect(0, 0 - 0, 0) or=1
    D ViewRootImpl: MSG_RESIZED_REPORT: ci=Rect(0, 0 - 0, 0) vi=Rect(0, 0 - 0, 0) or=1
    D ViewRootImpl: #3 mView = null
    D ViewRootImpl: #3 mView = null

    As you can see... when I press the arrow once the value changes properly. When I change it second time, it does not change but instead two blue pointers are seen... usually seen around selected text on android, and the item automatically gets deselected.
    Contrary to that, the same source code when compiled on Qt5.7 you change the value many times, the value changes properly.

    How to correct this problem? IS it a bug in Qt5.9.2? How to overcome this problem?


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    IIRC, the pointer (handler ?) handling has been modified so it might be related. I'd recommend taking a look at the bug report system to see if there something related.

  • Hi

    I tried finding on the bug report system but did not find any such bug.

    I tried to create a simple widget app. On the mainwindows add a button and a couple of spinboxes.
    This is a video of how they behave when I press the arrow the second time...
    You will see that the cut, copy and related controls are automatically seen with the selected text inside the spin box. This is not seen when compiled with 5.7 but seen with 5.9.2

    How to disable this from happening?



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    I wonder if it's related to QTBUG-58700.

  • Thanks SGaist for the tip.

    Yes, it is indeed a bug and related to the same. Just that I did not see this bug till 5.9, in 5.8 it was working OK with the spinbox.

    on valuechanged signal, I just put clearfocus for each spinbox and it gave a good workaround for the timebeing.

    Thanks once agian.

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