Development build - binary locations

  • Hello all,

    I built qt5 following the Git instructions here:

    However, I don't see any of the compiled binaries. configure and make both report no errors. I'm trying to understand how to refer programs to this path when I can't actually find these files myself. Can someone offer guidance?

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    You need a developer's build if you intend to modify Qt. Otherwise you need to provide -prefix to the configure script. Then make and ultimately make install will install it in the location you specified as prefix. The binaries are in <QtDir>/lib where <QtDir> is the installation directory.

  • I appreciate that. I was able to point my build script (for another program) to the <QtDir>/lib directory. With the exception of another issue that emerged (for which I must make a new thread), everything behaved more-or-less as expected.

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