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  • Hello,

    The printer is listed as fully supporting Linux, yet it is not printing per specs e.g. any paper size larger than A4 results in distortions, at least I have test on A3 all disappointment. How is it possible to find out the source of the defect: printer hardware, driver, Qt, Plasma, KDE, Linux …

    There is this bug report related but I think it is not as general as a bug report as it can be (if the Qt bug is correct).

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    Try to set output to PDF and look at the result.

    Use openoffice or similar to print A3 and see if its not
    OS/driver related.

    Also, what kind of distortions?

  • LibreOffice prints well which apparently is not a Qt or KDE application. Freeplane which is Java based does not print well. Gwenview does not print well. Why LibreOffice prints Ok but others fail?

    Distortions: when I select A3 paper size for a print in the print dialog, it doesn't say no. Everything is set, but the outcome is an A4 area printed on the A3 paper.

    Another caveat: I try to define different set of settings for a same printer (e.g. a default A3 paper size) - known in Linux as print queue - it is again all said but not done. After clicking Ok to save the settings, it reverts back to A4 default paper size.

    Yet another anomaly: paper sizes are listed randomly (seems so) on the dropdown listbox. Usually they follow a physical (size) or logical (alphabetical name) ordering.

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    LibreOffice print code have been perfected over a decade so its not
    super super surprising it does better. No to say the others programs are bad but LibreOffice have had a long time to become good.

    Distortions: That sounds like the output is not scaled to A3 or it really dont see the A3 setting. What did you print from here?

    Another caveat: The custom sizes (print queue), where did you add
    those ? via printer management ?

    The bug you mention does talk about Qt not having cups page and not
    being able to use print queues.

    What linux are you using ?
    Is cups running/installed properly. ?

  • It is counter intuitive because hardware support is a matter of operating system capability, should not be left to individual applications. I am using Kubuntu 17.04 with regular updates, more specifically:
    KDE Plasma 5.9.5
    KDE Frameworks 5.31.0
    Qt 5.7.1
    Kernel 4.10.0-37-generic
    OS type 64-bit

    To define a new print queue I go to: System Settings > Printer > Add Printer.

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    Well the actual printing is always done by the application.
    It must do scaling and placement correctly.

    Ok, if System Settings > Printer > Add Printer is not
    accepting new queue, then something must be off.

  • Add printer accepts new queue, only its own way, not what I define. Is it still something off or a software bug? How to find what software is the source of the bug? Qt? KDE? Linux kernel?

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    That is really hard to say.
    Normally i would try printer on other pc just to know.

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