Forcing a popup window to always be in front of fullscreen

  • Hello!

    We have a application that is running in borderless fullscreen. During certain events, we are required to have a popup window appear in front.

    When the popup window is called:

    save_data_list_dialog::save_data_list_dialog(const std::vector<SaveDataEntry>& entries, s32 focusedEntry, bool is_saving, QWidget* parent)
    	: QDialog(parent), m_save_entries(entries), m_entry(-1), m_entry_label(nullptr)

    The window appears sometimes in front, but not always, and especially for Nvidia users. What would be the best approach to force a window to always pop up in front of everything else, even it's own parent if needed?

  • @P1llus
    Have you tried setWindowFlags(Qt::WindowStaysOnTopHint); and/or setWindowModality Qt::WindowModal/Qt::ApplicationModal?

    Though if behaviour is varying by gfx card it sounds like some other issue....

  • That did the trick :) thank you

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