Qt crashed with BAD_ADDRESS when QQuickTransitionManager::cancel()

  • env: Qt 5.9.1 + macOS 10.12

    First, I have a qml component, use ListView to show some log with animation, like:

    Item {
        id: root
        property int maxHistory: 256
        ListView {
            model: ListModel {
                id: consoleModel
            delegate: item
            displaced: Transition {
                SmoothedAnimation {
                    properties: "y"
                    duration: 240
                    velocity: 100
            focus: true
            clip: true
        Component {
            id: item
            Item {
                width: root.width
                height: 40
        Event {
            key: "consoleUpdate"
            onActive: function (data) {
                consoleModel.insert(0, JSON.parse(data))
                if (consoleModel.count > root.maxHistory) {
                    consoleModel.remove(consoleModel.count - 1)

    This component will insert the newer log at row 0, and remove the last one if ListView is too large.

    When log emitted too quick(50/s), the Qt will crashed with QQuickTransitionManager::cancel().

    I can't see any detail in QQuickTransitionManager::cancel(), i use CLion, and this is the debug info:

  • I think this may because the Transition┬áconflict with consoleModel.remove.

    I can't upload my ScreenShot, what the hell?
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