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QWidgets and QML Coexistence

  • I have an application which uses a QWidget as part of a navigational chart display. This display uses a 3rd party API which requires the winId of the QWidget in order to paint the navigational chart during the paintEvent.

    Having recently discovered the QML Map object, I'm keen to get this integrated into the application as a QQuickWidget but I'm now looking for a solution which will allow me to draw the navigational chart either on top of the QML or as a QML item.

    The issue here is that in order for the navigational chart to draw, there must be a winId available which means using a QWidget (or equivalent) however previous experience has lead me to believe that QML and winId don't play nicely together.

    Is there some nice and convenient way of me rendering this navigational chart off-screen as a QImage (via grab() or alternative function) and then drawing it onto the QML?

    Thanks in advance.

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