show qobject always infront (directx) and grap mouse with shortkey

  • Hey,

    hopefully i'm right here in the c++ guru forum.
    I wrote my own plugin for ts3. It shows who is talking, who is in the current channel/whole ts and displays chat messages. Furthermore you can change your channel.

    But it does only work for frameless window games and the desktop. But i want to make it compatible with primary DirectX Fullscreen. If it's not much more compatible, with OpenGL as well.
    I always read something complicated like hook some dll and inserting my own code. Well i know Qt a little and i always noticed that for every problem there is a simple qt function.

    So is there a way to display my qobjects always on top of everything?? with the latest update Windows 10 supports those picture in picture and as far as i understood it right, it uses DirectShow api.
    Is there a way to use this, to show my qt objects infront of my Fullscreen game??

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