QGraphicsPixmapItem VS QGraphicsItem with painted pixmap

  • Hey guys,

    I'm trying to dispay an icon on a QGraphicsItem, The thing is I have a zoom feature and I would like to keep the quality of my icon while zooming.

    I am using a .svg for vecotrial icons.
    I have tried to use the QGraphicsPixmapItem so I could use the smoothTransformation.

    • didn't see a real difference
    • too heavy

    And I went for the classical way, directly drawing the pixmap in my QGraphicsItem

    • Very good speed
    • Bad quality while zooming

    So none of the above seemed to work for me. Are there different ways of doing such things without cutting down the speed.

    Thx ;)

  • Could you show some code?

    My first idea would be to try QGraphicsSvgItem.

  • QGraphicsSvgItem seems to work perfectly, the only problem I have with this is I am using an online wrapper so my code works with Qt4 and Qt5 but QtSvg doesn't seem to be properly implemented in there.

    So I had to manually import it from PySide2 to test.

    Other than that, great solution ! Didn't know about QtSvg.

    Thank you !

  • Actually the wrapper has been updated, So it's all good !

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