Access a property from one qml file to other qml file

  • Hi,

    I am working on properties on qml. I am creating a property alias in one qml file, but I want to get that property behavior in other qml file. So, how can we get access to the property, is their is a procedure, if so how?

  • I think you want a property binding, not an alias?

    I'll try to show you both working together: below, an component with id: foo has declared a Bar instance with a binding to foo's fooInt property.

    We don't know or really care if it's property or alias, just that we can and do bind to it.

    id: foo;
    property int fooInt : 0;
    Bar { barInt : fooInt; }

    If we take a look inside our Bar.qml - we are using an alias to expose externally only the features/properties we wish, like so:

    Item { 
       id: root;
       property alias barInt : barInternal.number;
       SomeOtherComponent {
          id: barInternal;
          property    int number : 0;
          property  color  color : "red";
          property string string : "";

    Now if I we go back and look at foo where the Bar instance is. We fully understand that is an property binding to Bar's aliased property. It still behaves exactly as a Bar property and you can control it as such.

    Bar users only need to know Bar has an int property "barInt".

    Bar { barInt : fooInt; }

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