QGraphicsItem's child item doesn't read the drag events

  • Hello guys,

    I've a QGraphicsItem, that has an other one parent to it.
    Nothing fancy, none of the drag events on the child are detected, it moves the parent item instead.

    Is there a way to say that this child item doesn't affect the parent ?

    Thank you !

  • Items do not receive drag and drop events by default; to enable this feature, call setAcceptDrops(true).


  • This doesn't change anything,
    still can't see my prints inside my drag methods. The parent is still moving.

  • @Goffer

    I think the key is documentation statement:
    "By accepting the event, (i.e., by calling QEvent::accept(),) the item will accept drop events, in addition to receiving drag move and drag leave. Otherwise the event will be ignored and propagate to the item beneath."

    What I am sure about - I had implemented 2D "shape" editor myself and I had something you described and had no problem to separate child transformation from parent.

    Without seen the code it is tough to provide more than general help..

  • class HandleItem(QtWidgets.QGraphicsItem):
        def __init__(self, parent):
            super(HandleItem, self).__init__(parent)
    # + bounding rect()
    # + shape()
    # + paint()
    # + extra code
        def dragEnterEvent(self, event):
            print 'resize start'

    This item is simply parent under an other one

    handleInst = HandleItem(parent=self)

  • @Goffer

    Is parent above child?
    If not I am out of guesses. In C++ it used to work.

  • what do you mean by "Is parent above child?" ?

  • @Goffer I mean ZValue, but if I recall right this affect only siblings.
    The only other guess I can make - problem might be related to wrong shape or bounding rectangle definition. Basically item is not found when clicked.

  • Well I think Z value is parent Z value + 1 when you parent unless you modify it (I didn't).
    The shape is correct as my cursor changes when I hover it and my mousePressEvent is working perfectly.

    This is very odd. Will keep investigasting

  • looking at some older codes, it seems that i already had the same problem and then used regular mousePress/Move/Release events with conditions.

    might just do the same while looking for a better solution.

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