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Qt dll and rc file

  • Hi. I'm writing a dll with Qt Creator. The rc file seems to not be evaluated such as a exe project.
    Is there a way to enable the version attribute as in a exe project?
    I'm using the special tag
    RC_FILE = Test01.rc

  • @mrdebug

    Do you get an error message?

    I am using also the tag in a slightly different way

    win32:RC_FILE = $$MY_LIB/LibDll.rc

    Therefore, you might want to check or add your actual path to the statement. However, IIRC that should be part of the error message that it has not been found.

  • Moderators

    are you sure that the path is correct?
    E.g. when declaring the RC_FILE in a .pri file make sure to prepend $$PWD to the path to keep the path correct.

    Also make sure that the language ids inside the RC file are correct. Maybe you can post the contents of the RC file?

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