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Game Development for Linux and Windows

  • Hello All

    I am interesting in game developing , strategy game.First it will be 2D strategy, then in 3D. Is it possible to write game for Linux and Windows using QT-C++-UnrealEngine or there some another solution ?


  • There are many practical options. E.g., here's a list of popular 3D engines that can be integrated with Qt: Using 3D engines with Qt.

  • thank you for your reply, what about 2D or this engines allow to write in 2D too?

  • Can't say much about 2D game development. I think SDL is (or was, don't know) popular for cross-platform games. A modern alternative with QML frontend is the stuff from V-Play.

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    2D is just a special case of 3D with an orthographic camera. Any 3D engine will do it.

  • thanks a lot fro your replys.

  • This is an interesting topic.
    I am porting a computer emulator (AppleWin) to Linux using Qt.

    Qt is fit for this purpose and I managed to do most things without too much hassle.
    Timers probably is where I found most issues as their accuracy is in the region of 10ms at best, while in the original Windows project one can achieve 1ms without problems.

    Haven't dealt with audio yet so can't comment.

    But which features people need from SDL which are not already in Qt?
    I see a lot of overlapping in the 2 APIs with Qt the clear winner for all Dialog / Form / Button and traditional GUI components.

    If I had to provide a blind answer I would say speed.

    I guess this shows my ignorance of both Qt and SDL...


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