QtCreator 4.4.1 not showing files from included *.PRI files

  • This issue is a renewed copy of
    But as there was no suitable answer, I+m retrying my luck.

    Started to use Qt5.9 and tried to compile an old 4.8 project.
    In the Project View the included files are not shown for any included *.PRI file.

    I use a common library folder with several *.PRI files.
    Currently, the files have the below structure and compile fine in Qt4.8:

    HEADERS += indea_system.h
    SOURCES += indea_system.cpp

    However, compiling the project in Qt5.9 it reports that in can't find indea_system.* files.
    I've tried to remove the DEPENDPATH, as its behvaiour changed in Qt5. Didn't helped.

    Finally, the *.PRI file modified to show files in QtCreator 4.4 is as below:

    HEADERS += $$PWD/indea_system.h
    SOURCES += $$PWD/indea_system.cpp

    But I find this wrong.
    Why do I have to always attach $$PWD path as I already said where to include files from?
    The first (or old) implementation in 4.8 seems much more neat to me.
    Specially, if you have several files to include in the *.PRI

    Can somebody explain me why this has changed?
    Do I miss something?
    Is there a way to keep the HEADERS/SOURCES list neat as in 4.8?

  • Just run into the same problem. In my case the problem was that in the main .pro file I was using

    HEADERS = \

    SOURCES = \

    This was clearing any previous content of SOURCES and HEADERS and as a conesquence there was no included source file seen in the project tree in qtcreator

    In my case the solution was to add the '+' before the '=' -> change to
    HEADERS += \

    SOURCES += \

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