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Can I improve the responsiveness of QAudioOutput/QAudioInput?

  • Hi,
    I am experimenting with QAudioOutput (and QAudioInput) and have a few buttons that control playback/stop, record/stop or pause.

    As a matter of principle, I update the state of the UI buttons only after I get the corresponding state back from the corresponding device, i.e. the play button transforms into the stop button only if QAudioOutput issues the stateChanged signal with state ActiveState.

    However, when doing it like this, there is a small but nevertheless noticeable delay between button click and its corresponding state change, especially on the pause/resume button.

    Since I do nothing fancy between the click and the start()/stop()/resume() commands to the devices, why this relative long delay? It really degrades user experience.

    Can this responsiveness be improved other than by directly updating the button status upon it being clicked?

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    I'd go with:

    • Opening the device(s)
    • Loading data from/writing data to
    • System load

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