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Problem when deploying the application because of external dependancies

  • Hello everyone. I'm having some troubles with my application, this is why i came to seek some eventual solutions. Let me explain:
    -1- I have created an application that uses the "ubee nano" controller device to control a bunch of other Zigbee devices, through a practical gui.
    -2- To start the application, the user click on a button "connect ubee". The latter starts a slot containing a "verification in the license of the Ubee" and the "starting".

    The thing is, the "verification" requires a license, that i manually set the path to, in the code. Now, i managed to use "windeploy" to create all the .dll and the .exe to run the app on other machines.

    The initial window appears, but when i click on the "connect ubee", nothing happens. I am guessing that i have to put the "license" too, on those machines, in the same "path" mentioned in the code, isn't it ?!

    Thank you for giving me some of your rime.

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    @Mohamed-Fouzi If it needs a license then yes the target machine would need that license as well.

    I would not hard code it in your program though. Make it configurable in settings, a config file, or on the command line. Hard coding paths is a bad idea on any application for the exact reason you are running into right now.

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    @Mohamed-Fouzi Oh also, I would add an error check when loading that file and show some error to the user if the license can't be loaded. That would help you diagnose problems in the future too.

    And it may be not working for another reason other than the license so have a simple check to see if it loaded properly would help diagnose whatever else might be wrong.

  • @ambershark : Thank you for the advice. I will take it in consideration in my future programs.

    Side note: What i was guessing and what you suggested was right. I solved the problem by using clear paths (as C:/license), and it worked.

    Good night sir.

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