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Clarification or Update required on Qt Blog to install QT on Tinkerboard.

  • Hi,
    I like many others are trying build qt for asus tinker board according to this qt blog post:

    I have spent quite some time going over this with no results. As the guide cross-references another guide ( it could become easy to make a mistake. To help I have included a short guide of what I've done. But this will need to be verified.

    The original blog that was created a short time ago also has some hyperlink issues around downloading the toolchain and there are some command issues when using: rsync -e ssh avz instead of rsync -avz.

    I believe there will also need to be some clarification on what system the blog was performed on (i.e Ubuntu, Debian) and also if the dev- branch of a qtbase is still required.

    Also, I think the additional instruction is necessary on setting up the Qt environment as there are linking issues with the qmake. please reference

    Thank you

    Loading QT on to Asus Tinker
    Download latest Cross-compiler for x64
    Extract and rename to 'toolchain' and place into /tinker folder
    Download latest “wayland” variant from the Firefly RK3288 section
    [on Tinker] copy EGL/GLES/GBM/wayland-egl libraries to /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf.
    1)[on Tinker] Install a bunch of development files (for simplicity we use build-dep, not everything is really needed, but it is easier this way). 
    	A- Disable auto-starting X
    		Command = sudo systemctl set-default or systemctl set-default (to restore GUI)
    	1- Edit sources list in /etc/apt/sources.list with use of your favorite editor (nano / vi) and uncomment the 'deb-src' line:
    		Command = sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list
    	2- Update your system and install required libraries:
    		Command = sudo apt-get update
    		Command = sudo apt-get build-dep qt4-x11 libqt5gui5 wayland weston
    	3- Prepare our target directory
    		Command = sudo mkdir /usr/local/qt5
    		Command = sudo chown linaro:linaro /usr/local/qt5
     	4- Give Root Password
    		Command = sudo passwd root
    		Command = Password
    		Command = Password
    2)[on Host] Create a sysroot on the host:
    	Command = rsync -avz linaro@ ~/tinker/sysroot
    	Command = rsync -avz linaro@ ~/tinker/sysroot/usr
    	Command = rsync -avz linaro@ ~/tinker/sysroot/usr
    3)[on Host] Make all symlinks relative:	
    	Command = cd ~/tinker
    	Command = wget
    	Command = chmod +x
    	Command = ./ sysroot 
    4) [on Host] Configure with -device linux-tinkerboard-g++: 
    	Command = git clone git:// -b dev
    	Command = git clone git:// -b 5.10
    	Command = cd qtbase
    	Command = 	./configure -release -opengl es2 -nomake examples -nomake tests -opensource -confirm-license -v \
    				-device tinkerboard -device-option CROSS_COMPILE=~/tinker/toolchain/bin/arm-linux-gnueabihf- \
    				-sysroot ~/tinker/sysroot -prefix /usr/local/qt5 -extprefix ~/tinker/qt5 -hostprefix ~/tinker/qt5-host
    	Command = make
    	Command = make install
    5)[on Host] rsyn to tinker
    	return to /tinker
    	Command = rsync -avz qt5 linaro@
    6)[on Host] Set up QT device and Kit.

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    You should rather bring this to the interest mailing list. You'll find there Qt's developers/maintainers. This forum is more user oriented.

  • I've never heard of this interest mailing list. But I'll give it a good.

    In this case, I would prefer to somehow contact the Qt employee for the blog namely Laszlo Agocs and ask for clarification but the comments for his blog are closed and there are no means for contacting him directly via the Qt platform instead of twitter and Linkedin.

  • @redknight106 Ping lagocs on #qt-labs channel on freenode (but better not today, as today is holiday in Germany)

  • Thank you @Konstantin-Tokarev . I'll have a look on freenode and try and contact him.

  • @Konstantin-Tokarev Sadly I haven't had any replies from Laszlo Agocs via freenode or his QT email which is a shame :(

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    He's currently busy all week for the Qt Contributor Summit and World Summit. So this also means that he had to prepare for that.

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