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Port android developed app for IOS

  • Hello dear Qt developers.
    i have a fully developed application ready to deploy for Android but i want to port the application to IOS as well too.
    so i found the document below :
    Qt 5 for ios
    i understand what should i do with the code so it runs well on ios but the problem is i don't have access to an apple phone or a mac supported device.

    so the Question is can i get a compile on simulator or something?
    if i can is there any tutorial out there? (could'nt find one or there was none out there)

    note: i use a Windows host to develop for android but i have Qt5.9.1 on VM ready to use as well too.

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    IIRC, you may find online service that proposes that otherwise no, a macOS machine is mandatory to develop for macOS/iOS/watchOS/tvOS.

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    This post is deleted!

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