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Can't find desired functionality in QChart

  • Relatively experience Qt user exploring QCharts for the first time. I'm looking for two plotting functionalities but can't find anything comparable in either documentation or examples - but suspect someone has already figured these out.

    1. When plotting a series of x,y data, I want to choose at plot time whether to display the data with individual point markers, with lines connecting the points, or both. I found QScatterSeries and QLineSeries, each of which is appropriate for one or the other, but I'd rather not need to have two series just to enable the desired functionality.

    2. All of my target applications are for displaying scientific data, for which "error bars" or "uncertainty intervals" are always essential. How would I add "error bars" to data points/lines in QCharts?

    Any pointers to prior efforts to address these will be most appreciated.

  • Same problems confused me. Have you got any solution?

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    I don't think its possible to change between QAbstractSeries derived classe on the fly. You would have to add 2 series to the Qchart and make them visible/invisible on demand.

    For the "error bar" I would take a look at the QBoxPlotSeries Class

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