Store the QDocument attributes in an ordered way

  • I am using the following function to write the content from a QDomDocument into a file.

    int MyClass::writeFile(const QString outfile,const QDomDocument* XMLContent)
        QFile out(outfile);
        if (|QIODevice::Truncate))
            LOG(INFO) << "Write Out File: " << outfile.toStdString();
            QTextStream stream( &out );
            QString Result_string;
            int ident = 3;
            Result_string = XMLContent->toString(ident);
            stream << Result_string << endl;
            return -1;
            LOG(ERROR) << "ERROR - Cannot write file: " << outfile.toStdString();
            return 0;

    I am observing that the produced file does not always have the arguments put in the same order within a node.

    F.e. sometimes it might be:

    <myObject Attribute1="111" Attribute2="222" Attribute3="333">

    and sometimes it might be:

    <myObject Attribute3="333" Attribute1="111" Attribute2="222">

    I understand that this has no consequence on the generated XML - However it would be convenient if the attributes would always be stored in the same order so that I would able to easily diff two consecutively generated files.

  • Hi @Lolo67

    There is an old bug report which shows a workaround:


  • Make use of QStreamWriter instead, that solved this issue for me!

    QDomElement element = getUserDomElement();
    QByteArray byte_array;
    QXmlStreamWriter stream(&byte_array);
    //(Recursive part)
    QVector<QString> attribute_names;
    const QDomNamedNodeMap attributes = element.attributes();
    for(quint32 i = 0; i < attributes.length(); ++i) {
      attribute_names << attributes.item(i).toAttr().name();
    std::stable_sort(attribute_names.begin(), attribute_names.end());
    foreach(QString attr_name, attribute_names) {
      QDomAttr attr = attributes.namedItem(attr_name).toAttr();
      stream.writeAttribute(, attr.value());
    //If has children call recursive function...
    //(End recursive part)
    QFile file("ordered_attributes.xml");
    if( | QIODevice::Text | QIODevice::Truncate)) {

    This will write one QDomElement on format:

    <tag a="value_a" b="value_b" ...></tag>

    where attributes are ordered by choice of sorting algorithm.

    If QDomElement has children this procedure can be called recursively with stream as argument.

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