Can't get past new CFBundleIconName problem when trying to upload iOS app to App Store

  • I'm trying to get an app update out to work around a Qt font rendering issue on iOS 11. After upgrading to latest Xcode, I can no longer upload my app given my current Info.plist (which never had a problem in the past).

    The issue I'm hitting is documented here.

    I'm following the Qt 5.9 iOS platform notes for icons here, however, I'm not supplying every resolution as described in the notes (I never had a problem with that before).

    Assuming the fix is to supply CFBundleIconName in Info.plist, what do I supply there given you don't directly edit Xcode Image Assets?

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    Do you mean add that key to your Info.plist file ?

  • Yes, that's correct. But, the documentation for this key is that it must be a name of an image in the application's asset catalog. Does Qt create an asset catalog behind the scenes that we can reference? Having a list of images in Info.plist was sufficient in the past. This requirement is new and I'm unsure how to set that key.

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    AFAIK, no, however you can create one with Xcode and then make use of it like described in the platform notes you linked in your original post.

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