renaming a class...

  • ...seems to be problematic when said class contains signals and/or slots. I frequently get odd runtime problems, usually pertaining to memory management.

    Is there a correct way to do this? I'm currently just refactoring.

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    Usually when you do that you should trigger a full rebuild and you should be good to go.

  • Yeah, I think I might have caught a red herring. I'm still investigating; will report back when I have something. Thanks...

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    alt text

    Renaming a class normally do not cause runtime errors as the compiler should catch use of the old name in any connect or
    slot/signal related activity before even running.
    However, i did have a few cases where an older moc_ file was being reused/not recreated
    causing odd things - so to be 100% sure its not that
    just delete whole build folder.

  • Yeah, I too have experienced old moc files that don't get rebuilt somehow. But (as you point out) my runtime problems are the result of something else. I'm marking this closed. Thanks.

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