Crash in QuickWindowPrivate::flushFrameSynchronousEvents

  • I have an Android QML app that repeatedly crashes at the user side (when the users download it from Google Play and install on their devices).

    Google Developer console reports the following call stack on various Android devices:

    native: pc 00000000000af2e2 /data/app/MyApp/lib/arm/
    native: pc 0000000000119463 /data/app/MyApp/lib/arm/ (_ZN19QQuickWindowPrivate27flushFrameSynchronousEventsEv+50)

    The application is relatively simple, it is based on this sample , but I cannot reproduce this crash on my devices.

    QT version is 5.9.1.

    I tried to search 'QuickWindowPrivate::flushFrameSynchronousEvents' with Google, but there is no results.

    Is it possible to figure out why this happens?

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