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Moving Text by QPropropertyAnimation: How to ensure Higher FPS?

  • Hi :)

    I am writing an application that, aside from other things, runs stock quotes on the bottom of the screen. I would like these to move at a certain speed, since there's content I really need to fit there in a period of time, before a new quote arrives.

    The problem I have is that if the quotes go faster than ~80px/second (on a Full HD Screen), low frame rate becomes noticeable (= it is noticeable that the text jumps over some distance every frame).

    The question is: can I somehow ensure that my QPropertyAnimation animates my moving text without "jumps"?

    I did little research and some experimenting to find out that I can:

    • modify the global QUnifiedTimer's interval, but I believe that this would affect all timers and could cause some problems (sounds like an ugly hack)
    • run the quotes in two lines, partly checkered, thus increasing the density of information
    • ignore some of the incoming date (:'( please no)

    Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?


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