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Would Qt support the functionality I need for my new project?

  • Hi guys.
    I have not used Qt since something like 4.5 or so.. Given that it has been some years I need to freshen up on my knowledge of the SDK. And I have not used QtQuick at all yet. (Except in a short application I threw together the other day for testing my build environment.)

    A little background: I have been writing software in C/C++ for ~10 years. I have had about a years experience with Qt back in oh.. 2013? Mostly I have focused in Game Engine Architecture targeted at all major desktop OS's. I have never written for a mobile device.

    I am positive that Qt will be fantastic for the new project I am working on, and tbh, now mobile support has improved tenfold I could not imagine using anything else. I am deploying to all major mobile OS's and perhaps a version for desktop (Not sure just yet).
    The application will make extensive use of geocode and maps. I know Qt has recently made significant advances in the geocode area and I am completely satisfied this will fit my purposes. I am also aware that (at least with QtQuick?) I can plugin osm or mapbox. I have done a little digging into these. I'm satisfied that they will meet my needs. So what do I want?

    With Qt SDK alone, would I have the tools needed for finding routes, overlaying a path on said route and have a 'satnav' like interface with the maps I use. Or will I need to use wrappers for osm/mapbox? If Qt SDK doesn't currently allow me to interface directly with the maps, is it more advisable to use the various Qt wrappers I have seen floating around or to use the libraries directly supported by osm/mapbox.

    I have not currently decided what fits my needs most. I know mapbox uses osm anyway, but any advise around this would also be welcome.

    Thank you.

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    I would take a look at the Qt Location examples to see if they already fill some blanks regarding your questions.

    The Mapbox GL plugin description looks like it should fit your needs.

    Hope it helps

  • Thanks @SGaist. I did take a look at the examples given in Qtcreator. They are simply pulling generic maps as far as I can see. I require something more specific to a navigation application where I will be using optimized routes. Looking at your first link (I didn't actually see this when I was looking around before) it looks like it would fit my needs Thank you.

    Would you then recommend using Mapbox GL plugin over OSM for my particular needs?

    Again Thank you. You have solidified my decision to use Qt SDK for this project rather than start a fight with Java.

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    I haven't played much with either of these plugins so I'd recommend testing which one suits your needs/tastes best.

  • Alright, I'll play around with it. I'm going to have a look at the Location example you just gave me. I'll post back and let you know if it fits my needs.

  • Ah. It was indeed listed in Creator's examples. I must have just missed it. And yes I see it will be perfect for me. I assume I'll be able to use QPainter to overlay a route. Perhaps I'll find a different way once I explore this example some more though. Thanks for the help.

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    The MapRoute QML type might be what you are looking for that case.

  • Ah yes. That is perfect. I better get started learning QtQuick then. I'm happy to learn that Qt can support my needs here so I'm not required to use external libraries in conjunction with QPositioning.

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