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Creator docs for Android out of date; No Android Kit

  • The page that describes setting up Qt Creator is out of date. It's says to download the Android SDK standalone which is no longer possible, and some other elements of the tutorial are impossible to follow as result.

    I've installed everything as best I can, and have my Android settings correctly set as far as I can tell. However there are no Android Kits, and I cannot create an application for Android AVD. Not really sure where to look at this point.

    Are there any docs that are more recent and actually work with Android Studio? Is there anywhere else I should be looking for information about how to troubleshoot my setup? I have many years of software development experience but none with Qt Creator or Android. Thanks.

  • Moderators

    Please post a screenshot of Qt Creator -> Options -> Devices -> Android. Also, while you're at it, maybe get a shot of Options -> Build & Run -> Qt Versions, too.

    Can you post a link to the faulty documentation page? We can file a bug report to get it fixed.

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