Issues with receiving notifications from a custom ble service built on a Cy8CKIT (BLE 4.2 PIONEER KIT) using a Qt app on my Android 7.0 phone

  • I started with the lowenergyscanner example from Qt and modified it to receive notifications. I did this by adding in code to write 0x0100 to the ClientConfigurationDescriptor of the characteristic I'm interested in receiving notifications from. I've been told that this would enable notifications. Then I connected the characteristicChanged signal of the custom service to a characteristicUpdated slot I made to update my value. However, the weirdest thing is that this code will work correctly (the value will update) if I use a built in service like a heart rate service, but the moment I try it on a custom service it will not work. I checked and my characteristicUpdated slot is not being called ever (only for custom services), meaning that it is never receiving the characteristicChanged signal. I used both a ble dongle and the CySmart App to test this custom service and it works (the value updates). I even tried enabling the descriptor of all characteristics that have a ClientConfigurationDescriptor. The last thing I tried was modifying the qbluetoothUuid.h file to include my custom Uuid and writing to its ClientConfigurationDescriptor directly. It also didn't work. I have no idea why it's not working. If anyone has any advice or tips for me I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

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