Calendar Example shows incorrect date in March

  • Hi, I have recently installed Qt Creator 4.4.0 on Windows 10 together with Qt5.6.2 (msvc2015_64) compiler kit.

    I have successfully built and run several of the examples supplied, and most work very well, including the Map Viewer and Planets Example. I can build the Calendar example (Qt Quick Controls) but when it runs, it duplicates a date in March; this year it's March 26th which appears twice. This then offsets the rest of the year by one day. I've had a quick look through the code, and can't see any obvious error in the code.

    Can anyone throw some light on this, as it doesn't give me much confidence in the supplied calendar doodah.


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    this one ?
    alt text

    I cannot make it show anything strange.
    (Qt 5.9)

  • 0_1505592194616_10d6d3d4-5573-4a24-aa47-23c8d76d541d-image.png

    Nope, this one ... look at March 26th

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    Which one?
    I only have one QML sample.
    alt text

  • M:\Software\Qt\Qt5.6.2\Examples\Qt-5.6\quickcontrols\controls\calendar

    Do I need to upgrade my compiler kit to 5.9?

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    Well you could install it along side 5.6 and see if it was a bug they have fixed.

    If you dont need 5.6, then please use 5.9 as its also long term supported and
    no reason to stay on 5.6.

    You can use the maintenance tool to easy add/remove Qt versions.
    Mutiple can be installed if needed.

  • OK, I will try 5.9 to see if it changes things.

    Thanks for your help. :)

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    super. it seems so but cant promise :)

  • 0_1505600299080_6b7f4ec2-a13d-4959-9846-b004559ced51-image.png


    No special reason, I just tried it to see what would happen.....
    (5.9.2 kit building 5.6.2 example.....)


    Starting: "M:\Software\Qt\5.9.2\mingw53_32\bin\qmake.exe" M:\Software\Qt\Qt5.6.2\Examples\Qt-5.6\quickcontrols\controls\calendar\ -spec win32-g++ "CONFIG+=debug" "CONFIG+=qml_debug"

    Problem solved, many thanks; I shall now continue being cute.

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