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QLineEdit not receiving any input

  • Hi,

    What might I be doing wrong with this QLineEdit? It's showing the cursor as expected on getting focus, but when it's focused and I'm mashing keyboard, it's not receiving any input :(

  • Hi @feuer

    I am not sure at all but the source of the problem can be this line:


    Can you try to comment this line ?

    maybe there is a widget that will be place on top of your lol QLineEdit.

  • Hi, thanks, but commenting that out did nothing :( In fact, when I first noticed that the property-editor dialog had a QLineEdit that received no input I tried to add that particular eventHandler. Afterwards I added the QLineEdit to tha mainwindow to ease testing and experimenting.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    That code alone seems pretty ok.
    If you create a default GUI project and paste

    QLineEdit *lol = new QLineEdit(this);
      lol->setPlaceholderText("Would you please capture events?");

    Does it then work ?

  • It was because my half-finished openglwidget was eating my keyboard events. This commit fixed it.

    Thanks for the chance of rubber duck debugging :D

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