QtQuick 2 with static build on Windows results in some widgets being black

  • I'm wondering if anyone else has run in to this.

    We have built a static version of Qt 5.8 on Windows, using ANGLE (exclusively) to render the UI. About a week ago, we had widgets start to render with black backgrounds, and sometimes black text on black backgrounds. Initially, I thought something had changed in a form that was causing the problem, but builds on Linux, Mac, and Android all render perfectly fine, which would seem to indicate that a form change isn't the culprit.

    According to the developer that was working on QtQuick changes at the time this started to happen, he had added some animations for changing SOME of the colors that seem to be impacted. The animations he changed were animated using a QML singleton that provided style information to widgets. We have since backed out those changes, but the problem remains.

    Has anyone else seen this, and fixed it? If not, any suggestions on how to debug the problem? (I'm not seeing any warnings or errors on the console, and nothing in our logs that would indicate there is a problem.)


  • I think we figured it out. It appears that the issue was a combination of a bug, and the QML caching in Qt 5.8. It didn't impact the other OS versions because we were actually building those with Qt 5.6. We added the suggestion from this stack overflow question to hopefully fix it :


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