Creator builds acting oddly...

  • ...not sure how to put this into words, so I'll just show you the files and the result:


    #include "testsha.h"
    int main()
        return 0;


    extern int SHA256Reset();


    int SHA256Reset()
      return 0;

    When I build, I get this error:

    C:\Users\MZimmers\Qt projects\test\main.cpp:5: error: undefined reference to `SHA256Reset()'

    When I change the file testsha224-256.c to a .cpp file, do a clean, a qmake and a build, the error goes away.

    Can someone explain this behavior to me?

    Windows 10, newest version of Creator, MinGW 5.3.0.

    Thanks...this one has me cross-eyed.

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    this is not a issue with qt build i feel. it issue with mixing c and cpp in same project.

  • Right you are. After sleeping on it, I did some googling and realized that the inclusion of the header file needs to be enclosed thusly:

    extern "C"
    #include testsha.h

    (There are other ways of doing this, but this is cleanest for a C header file you don't wish to edit.)

    This prevents the C++ compiler from altering (some say "mangling") the function name.

    Thanks for looking.

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