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Mouse clicks are occasionally interpreted as double-clicks in GUI

  • I found some times mouse clicks are interpreted as double click in my Gui, If I click once it taking as double click. Let me know how why it's happening and how to prevent it.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Are you sure it happens only in your app? Does it also happen for other users/ when you use another mouse?

    I've had some mice which had faulty buttons and they sporadically recognized clicks as double clicks, too.

  • Hi Sierdzio,

    I had check with dell and Logitech mouse, with dell it's working fine and with Logitech it's not working.
    I didn't check with other users, i had only checked with my app.

    What could be the reason, it's a problem with Qt or mouse? Please clear my doubt.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Since you say the Dell mouse does not exhibit the double clicking behaviour, and only Logitech one does, I'd suspect that the mouse is the problem, not Qt app, because Qt treats every mouse the same.

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