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findChild always returns NULL looking for QML objects

  • Re: [solved] QObject::findChild() not working for QML Items inside Window

    I have a QQuickWindow, created a QQmlComponent and setParentItem(window->contentItem)

    I'm trying to find one of the QQuickItem's now existing in that window, but
    window->findChild<QQuickItem*> returns nothing

    neither does

    What gives? I'm trying to find it by its objectName... this should work, no?

  • Ok, here's the screwy behavior i found

    QQmlEngine engine;
    QQmlComponent formWindowComp(&engine, QUrl("qrc:/formWindow.qml"));
    QQuickWindow *formWindow=qobject_cast<QQuickWindow*>(formWindowComp.create());
    QQmlComponent menuComp(engine, QUrl("qrc:/testqml.qml"));
    QQuickItem *menu=qobject_cast<QQuickItem*>(menuComp.create());

    all works find here... i get testqml.qml showing up in my formwindow.qml.

    Now when i want to find an element inside of testqml.qml, you'd think i could do

    QObject *thing=formWindow->findChild<QObject*>("thing");

    but this always returns NULL

    This is what works tho...

    QObject *thing;
    auto list=formWindow->contentItem->childItems();
    for (auto i : list) {
      if (thing) break;

    So why doesn't "thing" exist as a child of formWindow? or why doesn't it exist as a child of formwindow->contentItem?

    Why do i have to get the children of contentItem before i can successfully search?

  • parent and parentItem are different concepts parentItem defines the "visual" parent and parent defines the QObject parent.

    To get the visual childs you should use childItems.

    Take a look at this link

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