How to switch items from treewidget to another treewidhet

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    I'm assuming that you have used QTreeWidget to create you UI.

    1. Write a slot for your command button
    2. Inside the slot, get the item selected in first treewidget. You can use the currentItem(...) API
    3. Inside the slots, create new QWidgetTreeItem & add this second Treewidget.

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    I never like duplicating model data so I'll propose a different way:
    create a QSortFilterProxyModel call setFilterRole(Qt::UserRole) and setFilterFixedString("a") on it. set the source model as treeWidget->model() and assign it to the second QTreeView (not QTreeWidget given you are handling the model separately). Now all you need to do is call setData(index,'a',Qt::UserRole) for each index you want to appear on the other side

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